Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Letter to Me

I see all of these people writing letters to themselves. They usually start out with "Dear 17 year old me" or something along those lines. Well I'm going to do things a little different....

Dear 40 year old me, 

I hope your life turned out the way I always dreamed it would. I hope you're married and you're the parent to 3 beautiful children and that you've kept in contact with your adorable birthson. I wonder what he'll look like and be doing with his life by the time you turn 40 and reread this letter. 

Did you become a social worker? Did you buy that house you've always dreamed off? Did you make a difference in the world like you promised you would? How's mom and dad? Have you called them up lately? 

I'm just writing to you to remind you to stop and breathe. Take the time to remember "Hearts Forever" (hopefully you have that tattoo by now); remember all the heart breaks you've went through; remember the joy of when your dad came home from the hospital after his kidney transplant; remember the laughs and all of the crazy things you did in high school; take a moment to remember how scared you were when you found out you were pregnant at 17 and the happiness I hope you finally found after placing this little man (who is kicking inside my tummy right now) into the arms of another couple. 

You may be older but try not to forget butterfly kisses, playing games with your siblings after being told to go to bed, getting accepted into college, getting your first guitar (I hope you FINALLY learned to play), graduating from high school, movie nights with the family even if some of the movies were really stupid, and when you recorded that song (you finally felt like you accomplished one of your childhood dreams). 

You went through a lot in your first 18 years and no matter how scary and horrible things were at the time you made it through. Whatever you may have going on now always remember that in life there is only one sure thing: it goes on. 

I hope you never grew up more than you had to; I hope you kept that inner child alive and that you still dream with your whole heart. I hope you've kept your head up, but tried to remember that being strong doesn't mean you can't cry. I hope you grew to be the woman I know I can be. 

I hope you never had any regrets. 

-18 year old you. 

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